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Liu chunhai, chairman of Beijing feedig group

Chun-hai liu, founder of the Beijing fiddy feed technology co., LTD., is the current chairman, President, fiddy, China agricultural university, master of animal nutrition, MBA, renmin university of China, heilongjiang August first land reclamation university visiting professor, postgraduate tutor, animal husbandry and sheep nutrition and feed science institute of liaoning province post experts, many feed companies and farms nutrition consultant.

Over the years, chun-hai liu research team led by the efforts of research, assiduous research, has developed more than 30 scientific research achievements, has been converted into products and successfully to the market there are nearly 20 items.

Among them, the technique of ruminating methionine and cholinergic technology applied to ruminant has filled the domestic gap.

After rumen lysine technology, glucose technology and vitamin technology fill the gap in the world, after rumen glucose obtained the national invention patent.

The independent research and development and production of new green additive oregano phenol net (Ann) series of products, at the same time of preventing animal diarrhea, can improve feed utilization, improve animal production performance, is the only one domestic agriculture production in the approval document number of licenses and plant essential oil products.

Currently, the oxen - to - phenol (net) series of products have been updated for the third generation, which can be as effective as antibiotics.

The chairman of liu chunhai won the honorary title of China animal husbandry leader in the 2nd China animal husbandry brand development conference in 2010.

In 2013, fidi group won the top 10 science and technology progress award in China's livestock feed industry.

In 2014, I got the most potential 30 brands.

In September 2015 for feed additives star brand "the big three among plant essential oil", in December 2015 for "the most valuable enterprise", in January 2016 by heilongjiang university of science and technology "first prize", in March 2016 for the capital feed industry "technology innovation award", "brand award", "leader".

In August 2016, I won the first prize in the science and technology progress of heilongjiang province.

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