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Launch A New Version of Website 作者: 时间:2017-10-19 浏览:215

  Dear users,

  Hello! First of all, thank you for your concern and support for feedig!

  According to our development goals and market demands, the Chinese website (http://www.feedig.com.cn) has been launched on October 19, 2017, with the support of company leaders and colleagues.

  This website is centered on "displaying feedig culture, shaping scientific and technological image and building professional brand". The principle is "fresh and bright, simple and generous, green and healthy". In the design of web design and art production, the company's culture and company logo design concept will be integrated to highlight the company's professional, scientific, healthy and lively style. It also highlights the professional, high efficiency and scientific and technological level of the products of the feedig feed additive.

  The new website still has shortcomings, sincerely welcome your valuable comments and Suggestions. If you have any Suggestions, please send it to the webmaster email address: 793449707@qq.com

Beijing Feedig Feed Sci&Tec. Co.Ltd
October 19, 2017  

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