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ESO feed additive



   Net force Beijing fiddy feed technology co., LTD is the company independent research and development and production of a kind of of the plant essential oil by microcapsules package is technology package is a new type of efficient green feed additives. Main ingredients for carvacrol and thyme phenol, etc.

A lot of experimental research proves that this product has strong antibacterial sterilization effect, promote growth and enhance the body's immune, at the same time, this product has the function quick, no residue, no resistance etc, to feed the preferred.


Product description

Mechanism of the product

Degradation of the cell wall of harmful bacteria, damaging cell membrane and membrane protein structure, resulting in leakage of cell contents;

To prevent mitochondria from absorbing oxygen and to destroy biosynthesis and transshipment of ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum and golgi bodies;

To prevent or restrict the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms in the animal digestive tract system;

Stimulate animal appetite, activate digestive enzymes efficiently through the information feedback system, strengthen the secretion of digestive enzymes in the intestinal tract, and improve the digestive efficiency of nutrients.

5 products of the product

 Broad-spectrum antibacterial抗菌.png

 Have extremely strong antibacterial, bactericidal action, antibacterial spectrum wide, have effect to gram negative bacterium and positive bacterium, effective prevent animal diarrhea



       In combination with organic acidifiers, antimicrobials and anticoccides, the effect is better than the use of organic acidifiers and antimicrobials alone

Improved intestinal environment


While killing the harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract, it can stabilize the growth of beneficial bacteria, regulate the balance of intestinal microflora and improve the intestinal environment

Improve the absorption and transport of nutrients

Improve the height and depth of the intestinal villi

To improve the energy of intestinal enzyme (amylase, trypsin, lipase) and improve the gene expression of nutrient transport factors


1511418552563070.jpg       Improve your body's immunity


       Increase the weight of immune organs (thymus, spleen index, etc.)

       Enhance humoral immunity (serum immunoglobulin)

       Increase cell immunity (increase CD4+% and CD4+%/ CD8+ %, reduce CD8+ %).

       Improve the antibody titer of vaccine (Newcastle disease)

Product composition analysis guarantee value:

Parsley and thymol = 7.5%;

Low moisture content of 10% or less


Applicable objects and recommended dosage (in the feed)

Boar:100-200 g/TChickling(Duckling):130-150 g/T
Replacement Period/Grown Broiler(Grown Meat Duck):80-120 g/TLaying Period:80-100 g/T

Storage conditions:

The product is kept in a cool and dry place

When used, dilute the grade step by step, and mix well with the whole price. Do not soak in hot water

Packing specifications:20 kg/box

Shelf life: 12 months