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Project department technical director 时间:2017-09-27 浏览:60

Project department technical director

Job description: (product is essential oil)

1. Provide effective and comprehensive technical services for target customers;

2. Provide the target customers with the formula related to the company's products;

3. Solve technical problems related to product, feed, nutrition and culture in various ways.

4. Cooperate with regional manager (salesman) to investigate and handle customer complaints;

5. Contributed to the technical services and edited;

6. Participated in various technical training and customer seminars in regional business processes;

7. Help the salesman and improve his technical skills;

8. Collect and feedback the information of customers, salesmen and market on the products of the company, and provide reasonable Suggestions for the improvement and renewal of the company's products.


1. Doctorate degree in animal nutrition, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine;

2. More than 5 years working experience of livestock and poultry formulation in the feed factory;

At least 3 years working experience in farm or technical service;

3. Gender unlimited, under the age of 45;

4. Strong ability to organize, coordinate, analyze and solve problems;

5. Good presentation skills and presentation skills;

6. Be modest and responsible for company loyalty;

7. Can adapt to long-term business travel;

8. Treatment interview;

9. Being a technical director of relevant well-known enterprises in the industry is preferred.

If you are interested, please send your resume to the company's email address: yahefeedig@163.com or call hr: 010-82784319-820