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Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for product sales and new customer development;

2. Responsible for providing market demand information, analyzing market conditions and formulating sales plans;

3. Responsible for feedback of customer comments or Suggestions, and cooperate with the company to deal with customers' opinions or adverse reactions;

4. Responsible for the sales and payment recovery of company products;

5. Grasp key customers and have strong control over product sales dynamics.

Job requirements:

1. Male or female male or female, college degree or above, major in animal husbandry or marketing, etc.

2. Strong communication ability and responsibility;

3. Have the sales passion, can independently expand the market, have the feed industry work experience;

4. Take your own car first.

Working place:

Luliang city, shenyang, yunnan province, anhui province, qinhuangdao city, gansu province

If you are interested, please send your resume to the company's email address: yahefeedig@163.com or call hr: 010-82784319-820