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Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for quality inspection of raw materials and finished products of the company;

2. Completed the inspection indicators accurately and timely;

3. Skilled in the analysis and analysis of the feed, fill out the various reports;

4. Skilled use and maintenance of laboratory instruments;

5. According to the analysis results, the quality of raw materials is determined and the conclusion is correct.

6. Conduct experimental research on the continuous improvement of product quality and the development of new products.

Job requirements:

1. Animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, agricultural science, soil chemical, animal science, animal medicine, feed testing, animal nutrition, chemical inspection, etc.

2. Be careful and responsible;

3. Good coordination and communication skills and team awareness;

4. It is a priority to hold the certificate of professional qualification of the testing technician.

Benefits and benefits:

The job is to enjoy six risks and provide accommodation.

If you are interested, please send your resume to the company's email address: yahefeedig@163.com or call hr: 010-82784319-820