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Company culture

1. Cultural orientation

Strive for the best - the goal of the fidi people

First-class management, first-class style, first-class team, first-class talent

Steady development - the path of the fidi people

Steady work thought, steady work efficiency, stable personnel system, steady development trend, stable people style

Serve the three farmers - the mission of the fidi people

We will create new agriculture, benefit new farmers and build new rural areas

2. Freddy's thinking mode

Backward thinking;

Creative thinking;

Reasoning and thinking

3. The management features of fidi

Take "man" as the center;

Using "technology" as a guide;

Aim at "development";

Take "service" as your duty

4. The business characteristics of fidi

Solid business culture;

Technical expertise;

Durable business cooperation;

The overall solution

5. Spiritual pursuit

Diligence -- the virtue of the Chinese nation, the bridge to affluence, the strength of the fidi people

Homespun - the symbol of thrift, the idea of democratization, the noble quality of the fidi people

Innovation -- the booster of The Times, the guarantee of the survival of the enterprise, the immortal wisdom of the fidi people

A good solution is a guarantee of getting along

Tolerance - is the harmonious sentiment

Gratitude is the driving force of personal growth

6. The concept of fidi

Management philosophy: systematic management, humanized management, scientific management

Development philosophy: steady, innovative and cooperative

The concept of talent - people-centered, respectful, dependent, understanding, condensing and nurturing

7. Fidi discipline

Stick to teamwork and oppose individualism

Uphold scientific truth and oppose superstition and ignorance

Insist on thrift, and oppose extravagance and waste

Be realistic and oppose fraud

We must uphold the collective interests and oppose self-interest

We should persist in bold innovation and oppose conformity to old rules

Stick to others and oppose bureaucracy

To persist in the struggle and devotion, and to oppose laziness and selfishness

8. Fidi team

Extensive communication and mutual support

Harmonious relationship and reasonable distribution

Accurate positioning and clear objectives

Share work results together

9. The vision of fidi

Promote healthy food and lead a better life.